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Alisha Arneth

Alisha Arneth

Alisha’s artistic life began when she was a child in Belmar, NJ.

At the age of 10 she moved to a Kibbutz in Israel, where she continued her education. In High School she took Art, Art History and Advanced Literature as her courses of choice. The 3 year course in art consisted of wood crafting, sculpting, charcoals, pastels, figure drawing and painting. She graduated in 2002 and decided to move back to the United States and travel.

On the road she suddenly took up painting again, after a period of frustration with art. She discovered a style of art that came naturally. She became inspired again and as quite a surprise; paintings were being finished in a mere couple of hours. Suddenly it didn’t matter what the paintings were about or how to paint them, but to enjoy art on an intuitive level and experience it as a therapy. The process itself is the art, not the result. This has been truly liberating for her.

She continues to paint prolifically to this day. She has no particular method or technique, only a practice of surrender. She paints primarily with oils and acrylics. She likes to paint mostly abstract and surreal paintings with organic and cosmic symbols. These images are of an inner world, perhaps even on a subconscious level.

Her art is spread all over Israel and across the US. Displays in galleries and public places have primarily taken place on the Jersey Shore and Durham, NC.
Alisha integrates her artistic life with her holistic life as a reflexology practitioner in Durham, NC.


11:00am - 11:00pm