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Franco: Visual Activist

Digital art by Franco, in Manbites Dog's Tiny Gallery.

Luis Franco is a visual activist awakening his audiences
through conscious and exciting art and design. He received
his Bachelor of Arts in Art at North Carolina Central University
with a concentration in Visual Communications and a
Certificate in Multimedia at The School of Communication Arts.
Commenting on the reality of American Urban Realism, Franco
seeks to offer an antidote to class and race issues using acrylic
on canvas and digital art. Many of Franco’s thought-provoking
images center around the iconic fist hair pick symbolizing the
‘70’s theme of peace, love, and revolution.

Franco lives and paints in Durham, North Carolina.

I work primarily in the digital environment but also enjoy acrylic
and other mediums. My artwork tends to focus on social, political
and cultural issues. I enjoy expressing my views about major past
and current events through bold colors and iconic imagery. My
influences are the civil rights movement, music, american pop and
hip hop culture. I wish to take my audience on a creative journey
that will relax their minds and allow their conscious to be free.



Manbites Dog Theater
6:00pm - 9:00pm