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Hall of Heroes

Ever wonder how superheroes get their powers? Or how their powers are put to work once achieved? Or maybe you're interested in learning about heroes you haven't heard of before. The Hall of Heroes gives you a glimpse into the life and times of superheroes known and unknown, and offers an inside look into whose helped them along the way. These are ideas explored by Durham's friend Shanna Zentner and native artists: Franco, Jamie B. Wolcott, and DURTY Durham Arts Collective members: Julia Gartrell, Bryan Crabtree, Julienne Alexander, and Patrick Phelps-McKweon.

'Hall of Heroes' will be up until the end of May and was curated by Curtis Cushman.

This show is presented in association with Little Green Pig's world premiere production of 'JADE CITY CHRONICLES, running through May 28 at Manbites Dog. 'Hall of Heroes' will be on view in Manbites Dog's Tiny Gallery in the lobby prior to 'Jade City' performances. For show times and more information, check Manbites Dog's website, manbitesdogtheater.org.

Manbites Dog Theater
7:00pm - 8:15pm