How do I post photos to the Third Friday Flickr Group?

Posting photos to the Third Friday Flickr group is easy. There are four simple steps.

  1. Get a Flickr Account

    If you do not already have a Flickr account, you need to create one. Go to and click "Create Account".

  2. Upload Photos

    Next you need to upload the photos that you want to share with the group. For help with this, see Flickr's Help section on Photos and look for "How do I upload my photos?"

  3. Join the Group

    Now make sure you are signed in to Flickr and go to the Third Friday Group page. Click the "Join this Group?" link (top right corner of the page).

  4. Share with the Group

    Now that you are part of the group and have photos to share, all you have to do is connect the dots. Go to "Your Photos" in Flickr; find the picture you want to share; and click on it. In between the title and the photo, you will see a list of actions that can be performed. Click on "Send to Group" and a drop down appears with the list of groups you have joined. Choose the Third Friday group and that's it. You have shared your photo with Third Friday Durham.

    For more help working with groups, see the Flickr Help section on Groups.